Where’s the (Real) Beef?

Accountability Rally & March
Tuesday, April 17 11AM
Maine Department of Agriculture

followed by a March to the State House
to deliver a petition calling on Gov. LePage to drop the lawsuit against Blue Hill farmer Dan Brown

A recent expose by the Portland Press Herald on the Hannaford ground beef recall reveals startling details about the lack of transparency and accountability in the U.S. food system, including the USDA refusing to allow our elected officials to share with us important information about where our food comes from!

Among the PPH’s findings:

  • “USDA has failed to required retailers to track what goes into their hamburger meat”
  • “Most retailers, including Hannaford, do not keep detailed records and have chosen not to follow federal recommendations”
  • “Federal officials and food safety experts do not believe the salmonella contamination happened at Hannaford”

and this…

  • “The USDA never found the source of the contamination”

Hannaford has refused to provide the public the names of their ground beef suppliers. Should anonymous agribusiness corporations be allowed to engage in high-risk food production methods without transparency or accountability?

While agribusiness corporations operate in the shadows causing real food-borne illness, small and diversified family farms are being regulated out of existence. Or having their insurance cancelled to protect large corporate dairy interests! And those who stand up run the risk of being shut down, whether they have ever made anyone sick or not!

Like Farmer Dan Brown and Gravelwood Farm in Blue Hill!

Sign the petition to drop the lawsuit!

On Tuesday, April 17 come rally at the Maine Department of Agriculture for accountability and real safety in the food system. Then march to the State House (about 2 miles) and help deliver a petition signed by over 2,300 people asking Gov. Paul LePage to drop the lawsuit against Dan Brown and Gravelwood Farm.

We’ll toast it all with farm fresh milk and homemade cookies!

Let’s stand together and say to our elected officials and state agencies

“Save our tax dollars and fix the real problem!”

“Where’s the (Real) Beef?” Accountability Rally & March  April 17  11am

Maine Department of Agriculture
28 State House Station Augusta, ME (click here for a map)
Tuesday, April 17 11am

Maine State House
State House Station Augusta, ME (click here for a map)

For more information contact Food for Maine’s Future at 207-244-0908 or foodformainesfuture207@gmail.com.


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